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Terms & Conditions

You are hiring Riverjuke LTD's tour support services.

Definitions: the supplier; Riverjuke LTD the client; the hirer TM – tour manager. Each tour manager provided is an experienced splitter driver


The client’s booking is confirmed upon receipt of agreed payment in advance of scheduled hire dates.

Details of hire will be agreed between the supplier and the client in advance of invoicing.

Changes to scheduling may be charged or declined at the discretion of the supplier and/or TM.

All supplied TM's are experienced splitter drivers. Any person in the touring party over 25 years old, with  valid driving licence with no claims for the past 3 years, is also covered by our insurance to operate vehicle. Please ensure the TM has a copy of their driving licence which will be passed on to our office team.

Supplier responsibilities

The supplier will ensure a suitable TM is allocated to your booking. 

Both TM/client have access to the supplier's office team throughout.

All vehicles supplied alongside TM are regularly maintained and serviced.

The supplier does not accept any form of responsibility for;

-        show/tour financial loss due to travel incidents or vehicle malfunctions outside of the suppliers control

-        damage, loss or theft of equipment at any stage of hire

-        fines as a result of vehicle surpassing weight limit (3.5 tones) – the client will be charged for any fine and any resulting costs

We encourage all clients to take out relevant insurance to cover personal liability and/or equipment.

Client responsibilities

The client is responsible for all costs during the hire period unless agreed in advance.

If you are using a vehicle;

- it must not exceed 3.5 tones in total weight. Please speak to TM or contact our office to confirm any weight queries.

- Any interior damage to vehicle will be charged for any repairs/replacement parts, at part cost + 20%.

-        Ensuring the vehicle is suitably parked throughout. As a result any parking fines will be charged to the client.

-  any other misc advancing costs

And will ensure;

-        No smoking in vehicle

-        Will comply with UK law regulations regarding drug use and possession

Additional charges

At the discretion of the supplier;

Changes to schedule, which will be liaised with the client

Additional cleaning charges: £50.00+VAT charged for excessive cleaning hours of any vehicle.

Night time charges: at the discretion of the TM a £20.00+VAT per hour charge for any travel between 3:00AM-7:00AM

European charges: £10.00+VAT per day (minimum charge of £56.00+VAT) to cover additional insurances and breakdown cover.

International banking charges: £15.00 (US), £10.00 (ROW) +VAT


Full payment or a deposit payment will be agreed in advance, payable upon receipt of invoice. 

All deposits are non refundable. In the event of a cancellation, the supplier will do their upmost to replace the booking. In the event of a replacement booking, the supplier will refund the client.

Full payment is due for cancellation within 3 weeks of hire date, unless otherwise agreed or a cancelled booking is replaced.