Tour Management

Experienced tour management for your artist, including access to our luxury fleet of tour vehicles.
  • Tour advancing with day sheet compiling for artist and crews
  • Experienced with routing realistic travel times, accounting for tolls and emission regulations across UK and Europe
  • Accommodation booking through our vast contacts of suppliers, saving you time and money, with better quality rooms and facilities
  • Venue liaison and artist representation when on the road, backed by our office team on hand to help whenever called upon
  • Day to day accounts and budgeting
  • Build your touring crew through our in house team and extensive network of recommended freelancers
  • Safe experienced splitter drivers
  • Production and show management

Assisting tour management

With or without the use of our fleet, Riverjuke are used by a number of experienced tour managers to assist them whilst on tour helping with advancing including routing travel, tour advancing and more.

If you have several artists, Riverjuke are the perfect touring arm to add to your artillery, allowing you to retain clients with a trusted back up team ready to work alongside you or dep for you when you can't be in two places at once. Remove the stress, save money and gain a valuable asset with our multi-skilled, hard working team on board joining your touring team.

"I've never had such great service both on the road and from the office. Thank you for your hard work!"

Sarah Hodson (TM)

Riverjuke provided Backline Crew, Splitter Hire, and Assisting TM


"Finances have been dealt with smoothly and frugally with the right TM supplied to suit our artist. We were kept up to date during the whole tour, taking much of the organisational stress off us. Very punctual and professional. I'm very impressed and would certainly use Riverjuke again!"

Emma Norman @ Cuffe and Taylor (management)


Riverjuke provides SLAVES with their UK tour travel, including recent shows at The Great Escape and Sound City Festivals, as well as main support on Kasabian's UK Arena tour.

Tour dates: Major festivals, arenas, UK

Riverjuke provides tour management to several RAW POWER MANAGEMENT artists, including UK + EU live tours and shows, promotional activities, and more.


"Thanks for everything Riverjuke. You were great! Until next time"

Charles Vergara (Management)

Riverjuke provided Tour Management, Drivers, Splitter Vans and People Carriers

"We've used Riverjuke for the past 3 years for our tour management and backline crew. We couldn't recommend using anyone else. You won't regret it!"

Aaron Trowbridge (Lead Vox)

club drive

"Very professional service, a pleasure to work with!"

Barry Ashworth (band/management)

Clients since 2016 for tour management, drivers and splitter vans.